Excel Web Service - Multiple Pivot Charts - How to Have One common Filter


I have an Excel2007 dashboard, which contains more than 5 pivot
charts. Its a testing dashboard, which has got several defect metrics
based on same data source. I am publishing these pivot charts to
Sharepoint using excel web service.

Currently I need to fiter all pivots one by one to see the charts for
different parameter. something like (if I need to select the defects
for different releases, i select them one by one in all pivots). I
know, i can create a simple macro to trigger updates to all pivots.

But the problem I am facing is - After I publish the pivot charts to
Sharepoint. Macros will disabled (not supported in Shoarepoint 2007).

So, please suggest me if there is any workaround possible to create a
common filter on Sharepoint that will refresh all the pivots.

avi.iitr (1)
2/28/2008 9:47:42 AM
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