Excel is calculating strange since a long time ... (0.05+(-0.07)+0.02+0) =?

Type in a column


and sum up all.

What's the result ? -3.46945E-18

Common, where did they go to school ?

10/2/2007 6:15:12 AM
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In article <1191305712.538436.6370@y42g2000hsy.googlegroups.com>,
 weggler.willi@gmail.com wrote:

> Type in a column
> 0.05
> -0.07
> 0.02
> 0
> and sum up all.
> What's the result ? -3.46945E-18
> Common, where did they go to school ?
jemcgimpsey (6723)
10/2/2007 6:25:54 AM
Excel and almost every other computer program maintain decimal (base 10) 
numbers in binary (base 2) floating point. Binary (base 2) has two numbers, 
0 and 1, which is what computers understand.  If a base 10 number is an 
integer, it can be represented exactly in base 2. However if it has a 
decimal fraction, many times it can only be approximated in base 2. For 
example, 0.1 and 0.4 can be represented only approximately in base 2 whereas 
0.5 can be represented exactly. To see how a base 10 number is represented 
in base 2, 32 bit and 64 bit floating point, see: 
http://babbage.cs.qc.edu/IEEE-754/Decimal.html  This allows you to enter a 
decimal number, see its base 2 representation and see the resultant decimal 
number. For example 77.1 decimal after conversion to base 2, 32 bit floating 
point,  and back to base 10 is 77.099998.

<weggler.willi@gmail.com> wrote in message 
> Type in a column
> 0.05
> -0.07
> 0.02
> 0
> and sum up all.
> What's the result ? -3.46945E-18
> Common, where did they go to school ?

Wondering1 (40)
10/2/2007 3:08:54 PM

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