Error with VBA code

I am having error with this statement. Do anyone know what's the error
with this line:
..CheckBoxes(i).Value = False

Dim i As Integer
For i = 1 To 19
..CheckBoxes(i).Value = False
Next i

xiaodan86 (3)
5/9/2007 9:17:01 AM
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I would guess that you have fewer than 19 checkboxes.

<> wrote in message
|I am having error with this statement. Do anyone know what's the error
| with this line:
| .CheckBoxes(i).Value = False
| Dim i As Integer
| For i = 1 To 19
| .CheckBoxes(i).Value = False
| Next i

jrrech (1933)
5/9/2007 10:43:36 AM

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