Error of Type 1

Whenever I try to download a report from Quickbooks to Excel an error
message pops up that says:  The application Microsoft Excel has unexpectedly
quit because of an error of type 1. Save work in another application and
restart your computer.

Does anyone know what this means?  Thanks,

judy6863 (1)
1/22/2004 6:32:57 PM
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Error of type 1 is the Mac OS 8/9 message for a memory violation. The 
most common cause is allocating too little memory to XL. With XL closed, 
select the application icon, and choose File/Get Info/Memory and 
increase the "preferred" memory allocation by 5MB or so, or at least 3 
times the default value. Do not adjust the "minimum" allocation.

If this doesn't solve the problem, post a message to the newsgroup. Be sure to include both 
your OS version and your version of XL.

In article <>,
 Judy Bradbury <> wrote:

> Whenever I try to download a report from Quickbooks to Excel an error
> message pops up that says:  The application Microsoft Excel has unexpectedly
> quit because of an error of type 1. Save work in another application and
> restart your computer.
> Does anyone know what this means?
jemcgimpsey1 (104)
1/23/2004 5:43:11 AM

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