Embedded Chart Versus Chart - ShowDetail Issue

I've created a class module to capture a Shift+Click on a pivot chart,
which then opens the data associated with that point.  It works great
on pivot charts on their own sheet, but when I use the same code on an
embedded chart, it fails (error code -2147417848).

Everything seems to work fine, it derives the same row and column
values as needed, but the ShowDetail property is unavailable in the
embedded charts.

Anyone have any insight?

james Igoe  ||  james.igoe@gmail.com ||

james.igoe (28)
5/4/2006 7:01:01 PM
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I eventually solved my problem, simply using "On Error Resume Next",
capturing the error number if it existed, then opening the range
manually via selection.

It is less than ideal, but my attempts to use the ChartObject for
embedded charts was not fruitful.

If interested, visit my website and find it among my Excel VBA

James Igoe

646.303.2584  ||  james.igoe@gmail.com  ||

james.igoe (28)
5/14/2006 3:11:33 PM

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