Dates in excel curiouser and curiouser

Hi folks,

I am creating a time sheet but there are some strange problems, notably it
calculates the time fine until thw total is over 24 hours and for some
reason the minutes are getting rounded up despite there being 2 decimal 6 minutes becomes hh:10.  Very odd and any help would be

Cells are formated as hh:mm.  Formulae are either a)
(Start Time - End time )-(Lunch End-Lunch start)

or sum((End Time - Lunch end)*24,(lunch start-start time)*24))

Many thanks,


7/15/2005 7:51:35 PM
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Sounds like a problem with the time format. Something like hh:00 instead of
hh:mm. Can you check the format of the cells? Format-->Cells, Number tab...
~Anne Troy

"DannyJ" <> wrote in message
> Hi folks,
> I am creating a time sheet but there are some strange problems, notably it
> calculates the time fine until thw total is over 24 hours and for some
> reason the minutes are getting rounded up despite there being 2 decimal
> 6 minutes becomes hh:10.  Very odd and any help would be
> appreciated
> Cells are formated as hh:mm.  Formulae are either a)
> (Start Time - End time )-(Lunch End-Lunch start)
> or sum((End Time - Lunch end)*24,(lunch start-start time)*24))
> Many thanks,
> Danny

ng1 (1444)
7/15/2005 8:04:01 PM

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