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Is there a DatePicker in Excel 2007 so I can pick a date when I focus
on a cell?

If not, where can I get one?

11/26/2009 3:28:16 PM
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Niek Otten
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"shapper" <> wrote in message
> Hello,
> Is there a DatePicker in Excel 2007 so I can pick a date when I focus
> on a cell?
> If not, where can I get one?
> Thanks,
> Miguel 

11/26/2009 5:56:13 PM

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Hi, I have produced a couple of other Access databases where, in the Table design, I have selected Short Date and only the date has been stored in the table. In the current database I am working on I have selected Short Date on table fields but find that the date AND time is being saved. This is causing problems whem I want to seach by date. Can anyone suggest why, on this occasion, Short Date format is causing date and time to be saved (like the General Date format) when data is entered through a form (where the control is also set to Short Date format)? The problem is evident on all t...

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I have two cells: Cell A2 Today's date is Cell A3 02/08/2007 I want cell A4 to state: Today's date is 02/08/2007 When I use the formula =CONCATENATE(A2," ",A3) I get the following: Today's date is 17669 How do I make this state [Today's date is 02/08/2007] in one field? One way: =A2&" "&TEXT(A3,"dd/mm/yyy") Or =CONCATENATE(A2," ",TEXT(A3,"dd/mm/yyy")) Regards Trevor "Manuel Murieta" <> wrote in message news:e0Cvbw8SHHA.480@TK2MSFTNGP02.phx.gbl... >I have ...

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i am new here so forgive me if this is an old or stupid question. i have excel 2000 and i am trying to enter in dates for a check book register. i set the format for the cell to date to xx/xx/xx . when i enter in a date of 010203 for jan 2nd 2003 i get a date of 01/14/55 i can not figure this out. i am sure i am doing something wrong since i do not use this that often. please any help is greatly appreciated thank you mike c Mike, You need to enter the date as 01/02/03, so that Excel will then recognise it as a date. Otherwise it treats it as a serial number, and calculates the date as t...

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I am using a Line chart to plot specific milestones over a series of dates. Each line in the chart represents the series of data and its progression over time. I have managed to create each series of data with my dates showing up in the X axis as a Time-Scale. However, I need my categories (the names of the milestones) to appear in the Y axis and I can't figure this out. I also want to experiment with having the dates appear in the Y axis, and categories in the X, although this does not appear to be possible. I believe this would represent my data more meaningfully. Your help i...

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How can I change the default date format (8/18/2004) in the header/footer to a different date format (18-Sep-04)? Is there a way without using VBA? Thanks Hi see your other post -- Regards Frank Kabel Frankfurt, Germany "Emile Zac" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:u16wacYhEHA.3320@TK2MSFTNGP11.phx.gbl... > How can I change the default date format (8/18/2004) in the header/footer to > a different date format (18-Sep-04)? Is there a way without using VBA? > > Thanks > > ...

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