Date Format #8

Dear friends,
Everytime I type the Date of 10 Dec. 2005 as 10/12/2005, it converted to
12/10/2005 and it refused to be modified when I try to adjust it from



Mahmoud Metwally Ali
Jaicorp IT Manager
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6/23/2005 1:16:02 PM
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Look in the Control Panel>Regional Settings and make sure that you don't
have English (United States) selected.


Bob Phillips

"Mahmoud Metwaly" <> wrote in message
> Dear friends,
> Everytime I type the Date of 10 Dec. 2005 as 10/12/2005, it converted to
> 12/10/2005 and it refused to be modified when I try to adjust it from
> FormatCells.
> -- 
> Regards,
> -------------------------------------------------
> Mahmoud Metwally Ali
> Jaicorp IT Manager
> Office Tel. : (202)  3471495/361
> Mob.         : (2010) 5195169

phillips1 (803)
6/23/2005 1:47:37 PM

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