Date and Time #2

I see how that NOW() function works but is it possible to display only the
time and not the date?

not5754 (29)
9/18/2003 5:46:13 PM
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Use now(), then format the cell to only show time

format=>Cells=>Number Tab, select time and pick a format.

Tom Ogilvy

Lord Of The Morning <> wrote in message
> I see how that NOW() function works but is it possible to display only the
> time and not the date?
> Nick

twogilvy (1078)
9/18/2003 6:15:35 PM
Yes, with TIME you'll get only the (current) time

"Lord Of The Morning" <> wrote in message
> I see how that NOW() function works but is it possible to display only the
> time and not the date?
> Nick

9/19/2003 11:34:16 AM

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