Creating a group of cells. Need Help Please.

Havn't used excel in a while and I need to create a group of cell
corresponding to an input of a min and a max. 

Here are the details.  On one sheet I have a box where you enter th
min and a box where you enter the max.  In another sheet I want 
column starting at A2 to output (MIN,A2+1000,A3+1000,....MAX)  ho
would I do this

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1/17/2006 3:41:03 PM
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Name the cells that contain the min and max amounts, as described here:

Assuming you named the cells MinAmt and MaxAmt, on the second sheet, in 
cell A2, enter the formula:  =MinAmt

In cell A3, enter the formula:


Copy the formula down as far as required to accommodate the largest max 
amount that will be used.

Thundersixx wrote:
> Havn't used excel in a while and I need to create a group of cells
> corresponding to an input of a min and a max. 
> Here are the details.  On one sheet I have a box where you enter the
> min and a box where you enter the max.  In another sheet I want a
> column starting at A2 to output (MIN,A2+1000,A3+1000,....MAX)  how
> would I do this?

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1/17/2006 4:46:18 PM

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