Create value list from range

I've got a range of cells containing state abbrev. that I want to list
in another range excluding all duplicated states abbrev's.

Is there a way to list the non-duplicated values?

Thanks for your help...

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1/29/2006 5:50:27 PM
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Try this:

Make sure you have a heading for your list. I'll assume your range is
A1:A100 and A1 is STATE.

In a blank cell off to the side on the same sheet, enter your column
I'll use Z1: STATE

Data>Filter>Advanced Filter:
Check: Copy to another location
Check: Unique records only
List Range: $A$1:$A$100
Copy to: $Z$1
Click the [OK] button

You should now have a list of unique state abbreviations under cell

Does that help?


Ron Coderre
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1/29/2006 6:02:18 PM
First make sure there is a label cell on top of your column, select the data 
(including the label) and then pull-down:

Data > Filter > Advanced Filter... and check unique records
Gary's Student

"mallets123" wrote:

> I've got a range of cells containing state abbrev. that I want to list
> in another range excluding all duplicated states abbrev's.
> Is there a way to list the non-duplicated values?
> Thanks for your help...
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> mallets123
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GarysStudent (1572)
1/29/2006 6:10:28 PM
Thanks for your help on this, is there a way to have this done
automatically rather than having to manually do it each time?

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1/29/2006 7:01:36 PM
OK...try this:

With your list of state abbreviations in A1:A20, with A1: State

D1: State

Note: Commit that array formula by holding down the [Ctrl][Shift] key
and press [Enter].

Copy D2 and paste it into D3 through D52.

Each time you enter a new state abbreviation that is not alread
listed, it will display in the list in D1:D52.

Change range references to suit your situation.

Does that help?


Ron Coderr
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1/30/2006 1:02:03 AM

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