counting specific figures in cells dependant upon contents of adjacent cells

I have 3 columns. The first has single digits (0-9), the second ha
various numbers with x's and blank spaces in between, and the third ha
a 0,1 or 2 in it.

I am able to count the numer of blanks in column 2 every time a 
appears in column 1 by using formula below...


... I'd like to introduce column 3 so that if a 0 is present, the "x
is not counted. If a 1 is present "x" is counted once and 2, "x" i
counted twice.

Any suggestions

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6/15/2004 1:32:51 PM
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Sorry ...

Meant ofcourse to say i am able to count the number of "x"s in column 
using formula, not blanks

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6/15/2004 1:38:58 PM

I think your formula must have been posted wrongly. I reckon it should have

To include the next column in the way you describe try this:

Hope this helps

"judoist >" <<> wrote in message
> I have 3 columns. The first has single digits (0-9), the second has
> various numbers with x's and blank spaces in between, and the third has
> a 0,1 or 2 in it.
> I am able to count the numer of blanks in column 2 every time a 5
> appears in column 1 by using formula below...
> =SUMPRODUCT(($A1:$F350=5)*($B1:$B350="X"))
> .. I'd like to introduce column 3 so that if a 0 is present, the "x"
> is not counted. If a 1 is present "x" is counted once and 2, "x" is
> counted twice.
> Any suggestions?
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andyb1 (494)
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