Count Duplicate Alerts

I have a spreadsheet that in a simplified form looks like

Drug   Pump
A       1
C       4
A       1
B       3
A       1
A       2
B       3
C       1
C       5

I need to determine how many different pumps each drug was on.  So I
need to return

Drug  #Pumps
A       2
B       1
C       3

The spreadsheets I am working with have about 30,000-50,000 rows, so
that may rule out array formulas.  I would prefer to not use pivot
tables because the entire table is going into a pivot table for
analysis.  If needed, I can resort the table but would prefer not to.
The best layout for my needs would be to have the # pumps column added
onto the original data table like

Drug   Pump  #pumps
A       1          2
C       4          3
A       1          2
B       3          1
A       1          2
A       2          2
B       3          1
C       1          3
C       5          3

Any thoughts on how I could do this with a formula?  I can also use
visual basic because this spreadsheet has a macro that does some pre-
processing on it.  It seems like this should be easy but I haven't run
into anyone who can do it yet.

  Andrew V. Romero
rrstudio2 (8)
6/19/2008 6:44:08 PM
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It's a bit messy, but I think it can be done with 2 helper columns.
Only tested with your sample data.
With drugs in ColumnA and Pumps in ColumnB, and data start Row2:

In C2 enter:  =A2&B2
In D2 enter:  =1/COUNTIF($C$2:$C$50000,C2)
In E2 enter:  =SUMPRODUCT(--($A$2:$A$50000=A2)*($D$2:$D$50000))

Copy C:E down to the end of your data.
Answers you want are in ColumnE

I believe if you have XL2007, you can use whole column refs ie
In C2 enter:  =A2&B2
In D2 enter:  =1/COUNTIF(C:C,C2)
In E2 enter:  =SUMPRODUCT(--(A:A=A2)*(D:D))

Perhaps one of the boffins can condense it into 1 column, but not me.
At least there are no array formulas.

Regards - Dave.

dave871 (680)
6/19/2008 11:13:00 PM
Hi Dave,
  Thanks for the idea.  Unfortunately, starting to use countif with
50000 rows takes too long (5+ minutes before I cancelled it).  Any
other ideas?  I came up with a workaround yesterday that is pretty
messy and uses about 4 helper columns, but would like something

  Andrew V. Romero
rrstudio2 (8)
6/20/2008 4:10:44 PM
Hi Andrew,
The only other idea I have at the moment is to take a longer coffee break 
(ie leave it running while you do something else - like watch a movie.
Problem is it has to check 50000 rows 50000 times!

A macro may run quicker. Wanna try that? Can't look at it right now, but 
maybe later tonight.

Regards - Dave.
dave871 (680)
6/20/2008 6:11:00 PM

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