conditional formating #4

I have an annual report spreadsheet comprised of  15 rows (1 - 15) and 5 
columns (A - E).  In columns "B" and "D" I add numbers from the current 
year, leaving future year cells blank.  I highlight in yellow the blank 
future cells in columns "B" and "D" by a conditional format "formula is = 
ISBLANK(B9)".  I leave past year cells in "B" and "D" with numbers but no 
highlight colors.  I wish to highlight in green the current year numbers in 
columns "B" and "D", which will always be a cell above the first yellow 
blank cell, and a cell below last years non-highlighted numbered cell.  Each 
year as I add new annual numbers to column "B" and "D", the previous green 
cells would change from green to no highlight and the previous yellow blank 
cell would change to a green highlight.

What would condition #2 be in the conditional format formula?

Thank you for your time and help.


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3/16/2006 5:13:27 PM
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Assuming that your dates for each year are listed in column A you coul
use these two.  You'll need to modify your other condition.

For 1st condition = Green


For 2nd condition = Yellow


This will color cell B9 green 

Format as needed.

Does that Help?


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3/16/2006 6:13:00 PM

This is a test response to your answer.  I've been trying to respond with a 
picture of my spreadsheet, but it does not seem to work.  I'm wondering if 
attachments are not allowed, thus my previous attempt was blocked.  I am not 
real fairmiliar with news groups so I'm most likely selecting an incorrect 

Thank you for your help and patience.


"SteveG" <> wrote in 
> Assuming that your dates for each year are listed in column A you could
> use these two.  You'll need to modify your other condition.
> For 1st condition = Green
> =AND(YEAR(A9)=YEAR(NOW()),B9<>"")
> For 2nd condition = Yellow
> This will color cell B9 green
> Format as needed.
> Does that Help?
> Steve
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> SteveG
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allge (63)
3/16/2006 10:51:27 PM

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