Comparing two numbers

I am trying to figure out how to compare two numbers (that are
constantly changing in value) to see if they meet a particular ratio
and then pick the smallest of that original number to be carried

I have tried nesting If statements but end up with "False" answers
instead of 0 sometimes.

This is the type of data I am tring to compare along with the
conditions that must be met.

Example 1.

a.   166.00
b.    97.00

First condition:  If B>=1/3A
Second condition:  If B meets first condition then B must be larger
than C.
Third condition If B meets second condition then C is carried forward
to the cell.
If B< 1/3A then 0 should be placed in the cell.

The problem occurs when the numbers get switched around.  If the number
order stayed the same, I could use an If statement.  But the numbers
will come in any combination for example:

Example 2.
d.  500          I need this one to end up with 500 being carried
e.  550

Example 3
f.   100          This one will have 0 carried forward
                      g.   600

Example 4
h.   250         This one will have 250 carried forward.
i.    750

I am stumped.  I have looked through every help option and blog I could
find.  I would appreciate help.  Thanks in advance.


chughes (1)
3/30/2006 3:38:52 PM
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You might simplify the problem by making two additional columns, where
one column has the greater of the two and the other column has the

If your numbers are in A1 and B1, then C1 could be =max(a1,b1) and D1
could be min(a1,b1).

That ought to simplify the if statement you're looking for.

3/30/2006 4:18:34 PM

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