Changing Data format

I would be willing to do this either in Excel or Access, I am not sure
of the preferred method
I have data that starts out as below:
A	                      0001
B	                      0001
C	                      0001
D	                      0001

A	                      0003
B	                      0003

A	                      0005
B	                      0005
C	                      0005

I need to change the way the data appears on the spreadsheet to the
A                 0001	                A	B	C	D
B 	   0001	                B	C	D	A
C	   0001	                C	D	A	B
D	   0001	                D	A	B	C

A	   0003	                A	B
B	   0003	                B	A

A	   0005	                A	B	C
B	   0005	                B	C	A
C	   0005	                C	A	B

Any help would be appreaciated
samcannet (5)
6/10/2009 5:18:39 PM
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