Cell Formating Problems

This is what I do:
I open up a brand new worksheet.
I format cell A1 to text.
Then I enter the number 1 into it.
Then I format the cell to Numeric
and the 1 in the cell does not change.  it stays as (left justified

If I delete the 1 and type a 1 into that cell and hit Enter, it become
1.00 (a number).  

Whats happening here???  Why doesn't it convert the 1 to a 1.00 when 
format the cell to numeric?  Why do I have to re-enter the number

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3/1/2004 11:14:09 PM
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It was originally entered as Text.  Simply re-formatting doesn't change its
underlying value.  Formatting is used to change the "look" of data, not the
original value.

Either enter as a number originally or if entered as text, format to "number"
then hit F2<Enter>, which effectively re-enters it.

If you have a great whack of these to change, copy an empty cell formatted as
number then select your range of data and Paste Special>Add>OK>Esc.

Gord Dibben Excel MVP

On Mon, 1 Mar 2004 17:14:09 -0600, brain21
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>This is what I do:
>I open up a brand new worksheet.
>I format cell A1 to text.
>Then I enter the number 1 into it.
>Then I format the cell to Numeric
>and the 1 in the cell does not change.  it stays as (left justified)
>If I delete the 1 and type a 1 into that cell and hit Enter, it becomes
>1.00 (a number).  
>Whats happening here???  Why doesn't it convert the 1 to a 1.00 when I
>format the cell to numeric?  Why do I have to re-enter the number?
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3/1/2004 11:51:17 PM

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