cell content into a note

hey guys,

just curious if this can be achieved or how it can be achieved

say i have this

Column A Row 1 = Short Description
Column B Row 1 = Long descriptoin

B2:B10 = are all the short descriptions
B2:B10 = are all the long descriptions

is there a way to just put the comment into the short description
cells from the long description cells via a note and then hide the
long description column?

can anyone advise as to how this can be achieved?

11/1/2007 11:03:02 PM
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hrlngrv (1990)
11/1/2007 11:43:36 PM
You could add Comments to the column A cells with the text from Column B cells
and have Column B hidden.

Sub Comment_Text_Add()

    Dim addtext As String
    Dim cmt As Comment
  For Each Cell In Range("A1:A10")  'or Selection
  Set cmt = Cell.Comment
  addtext = Cell.Offset(0, 1).Value
    If cmt Is Nothing Then
      Set cmt = Cell.AddComment
      cmt.Text Text:=addtext
      cmt.Text Text:=addtext
    End If
    With cmt.Shape.TextFrame
      .Characters.Font.Bold = False
    End With
Next Cell
End Sub

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP

On Thu, 01 Nov 2007 23:03:02 -0000, Chuck <cvanoosbree@gmail.com> wrote:

>hey guys,
>just curious if this can be achieved or how it can be achieved
>say i have this
>Column A Row 1 = Short Description
>Column B Row 1 = Long descriptoin
>B2:B10 = are all the short descriptions
>B2:B10 = are all the long descriptions
>is there a way to just put the comment into the short description
>cells from the long description cells via a note and then hide the
>long description column?
>can anyone advise as to how this can be achieved?

11/2/2007 12:50:55 AM

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