can you help by make link with tow worksheet

I'm looking to make link with tow worksheet

more clearly: i made equation in cells  worksheet -1
a1 + a2 : print result  in cell A1 in worksheet -2

and thankyou for help

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7/1/2005 6:15:17 PM
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Type in:  =Sheet1!A1+Sheet1!A2

Place in Cell A1 of worksheet -2.

Or, place the cursor in the desired cell of worksheet - 2 and click "=". 
Then click on the worksheet-2 tab at the bottom of the screen and click on 
the first cell (a1), then hit the plus key, then click on cell a2.  Then hit 

"nader" <> wrote in 
> I'm looking to make link with tow worksheet
> more clearly: i made equation in cells  worksheet -1
> a1 + a2 : print result  in cell A1 in worksheet -2
> and thankyou for help
> -- 
> nader
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7/1/2005 8:08:08 PM

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