Autofilter - showing # rows found (or NOT)

Hi all,

When I am using Excel's Autofilter, often the statusbar shows the number of
selected rows as part of the total number of rows.
Often, but not allways.

How is this, and what can I do about it ?


Bas Hartkamp.

7/26/2005 2:35:54 PM
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When your list has many formulas, or if a cell in the list is changed 
after a filter has been applied, the Status Bar may show "Filter Mode" 
instead of a count of the visible records. You can use the Subtotal 
function to count the visible rows.

The following MSKB article has information:

The AutoFilter status bar displays the "Filter Mode" message in Excel

And there are a couple of workarounds here:

HS Hartkamp wrote:
> When I am using Excel's Autofilter, often the statusbar shows the number of
> selected rows as part of the total number of rows.
> Often, but not allways.
> How is this, and what can I do about it ?

Debra Dalgleish
Excel FAQ, Tips & Book List

dsd1 (5911)
7/26/2005 4:04:06 PM

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