2007 SP2 breaks Excel Graphics in Save as PDF

After installing Office SP2 it was discovered that when using Save as PDF in 
Excel 2007 SP2 with a workbook that contained graphs those graphs would be 
broken by page breaks in the output PDF. 

This is a bug I have seen internet postings on but have found no trace of 
being documented by Microsoft. Hopefully customers experiencing this issue 
can find this thread.

If your workbooks in your enterprise are heavy on graphs this issue is HUGE 
(trust me) - because everybody wants to either print or have a PDF.

The initial resolution to the issue is to remove Office SP2 rolling back to 
SP1. This is accomplished with a released uninstaller tool available at 


KB Article: 954914

After the tool has completed successfully Excel 2007 will be on SP1. However 
the "gotcha" is that you lost the Save as PDF Add-In. Apparently since SP2 
includes this Add-In, the uninstall tool takes it out even if you had it 
previously installed as the stand-alone install.

So you next need to visit 


and pick up the Add-In and once again install the Save as PDF feature.

At this point you have resolved the issue and your Excel graphs will output 
to PDF and print fully intact once again.

It ain't over yet though. This issue comes back to ruin your day from an 
innocent looking update known as Security Update KB 969682. This is the stuff 
that makes you want to have Automatic Updates turned off.

You can go to Control Panel, Programs, Windows Updates  listing and find the 
install of Security Update KB 969682. You can also look at the Version of 
Excel and find that it is at 12.0.6504.5001 SP1.

Right click that Security Update install and select Uninstall to remove the 

Once that is completed the Version of Excel is 12.0.6331.5000

With that complete the issue is again resolved. No more busted charts and 
disgruntled users. 

I've found that you need to stay at Version 12.0.6331.5000  to avoid the 
issue. So keep on eye on Updates. 

David Bartosik
Office Publisher MVP
(2001 - 2006)
8/26/2009 9:41:02 PM
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