#VALUE! error when I try to insert a row

I have created a spreadsheet that I seem to be receiving an odd error
in an intermittent manner.

I have a formula =IF(ISTEXT($S9),DetermineValue(L9),0)  that totally
works, where DetermineValue is a function I created that returns an
integer.  I populate the same tab with input data, and the formula
above and function performs 100% correctly. (no array formulas or
anything too exotic) - This is done in Tab B.  S9 cell is populated
using a vlookup that references a range in Tab A that always populates

On another tab (Tab A), when I create a brand new row, well below the
range that is used in a Vlookup, I get a #VALUE! error in the formula
created above.

I have tried to copy the formulas to a new sheet, and started over
again, and I still get this unexplainable error.  The even odder thing
is, when I click on the cell with the #VALUE! error, I merely put my
curser on the formula bar and hit enter the =IF(ISTEXT
($S9),DetermineValue(L9),0) recalculates correctly again. But F9 does
not do resolve this.  I had a colleague review all formulas and we
currently don't see anything wrong.

I noticed that this occurs at different times, but I know it occurs
every time when I insert a row in tab A that is well below anything
being referenced.

Any ideas on what I may try to check next?  Or has this occurred to
anyone else's spreadsheets?

Thanks & regards,
enz723 (9)
3/4/2009 2:02:05 PM
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