"Find and Replace" in Sheet names

Is there a way (with code perhaps) to search and replace sheet names?

For example, I have 20 sheet names with "Direct (2)" in the name, and
I'ld like to replace teh "Direct (2)" in the sheet name to "Net" in
each instance.

Thanks, Jim

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1/24/2006 4:33:53 PM
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One way:

    Public Sub Direct2ToNet()
        Const sRepl As String = "Direct (2)"
        Dim ws As Worksheet
        Dim nPos
        On Error Resume Next
        For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
            With ws
                 If .Name Like "*" & sRepl & "*" Then _
                    .Name = Replace(.Name, sRepl, "Net")
            End With
        Next ws
        On Error GoTo 0
    End Sub

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 "Excel@shoenfeltconsulting.com" <jimhome@starplace.com> wrote:

> Is there a way (with code perhaps) to search and replace sheet names?
> For example, I have 20 sheet names with "Direct (2)" in the name, and
> I'ld like to replace teh "Direct (2)" in the sheet name to "Net" in
> each instance.
> Thanks, Jim
jemcgimpsey (6723)
1/24/2006 5:09:32 PM
Example VBA Macro to play with.

Hope this helps


Sub Renamesheets()

Dim S As Worksheet

For Each S In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets
V = InStr(1, S.Name, "Direct", vbTextCompare)
If (V > 0) Then
S.Name = "Net " + Mid(S.Name, V + 7, Len(S.Name))

End If

End Sub

Excel@shoenfeltconsulting.com wrote:
> Is there a way (with code perhaps) to search and replace sheet names?
> For example, I have 20 sheet names with "Direct (2)" in the name, and
> I'ld like to replace teh "Direct (2)" in the sheet name to "Net" in
> each instance.
> Thanks, Jim
nospam630 (1)
1/24/2006 5:17:46 PM

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