What if scenarios using multiple worksheets

Dear Friends

Is it possible to have scenarios in XL 2003 across 2 or more worksheets? 
Which means, for example, I had some chaging cells in one sheet other cells 
in another worksheet and the result in the first one.

I have tried lately but I got an error message. The same problem I have 
encountered with the Solver.

How could I overcome this issue?

Thanks in advance,
5/24/2010 3:55:03 PM
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      If desired, send your file to my address below. I will only look if:
      1. You send a copy of this message on an inserted sheet
      2. You give me the newsgroup and the subject line
      3. You send a clear explanation of what you want
      4. You send before/after examples and expected results.

Don Guillett
Microsoft MVP Excel
SalesAid Software
"Catalin" <Catalin@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message 
> Dear Friends
> Is it possible to have scenarios in XL 2003 across 2 or more worksheets?
> Which means, for example, I had some chaging cells in one sheet other 
> cells
> in another worksheet and the result in the first one.
> I have tried lately but I got an error message. The same problem I have
> encountered with the Solver.
> How could I overcome this issue?
> Thanks in advance,
> Catalin 

5/24/2010 4:57:48 PM

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