SUMIFS using a text range

I am still new to Excel 2007. I want to start using SUMIFS for their
efficiencies over array formulas. They don=92t seem to work the same. I
want to sort by Dep and Account and by month. The data comes in TEXT
format. I can=92t get it to work without converting the TEXT to VALUES.
I bring in data and need to sort it like this.

	         Dep         AccountII        AccountII
SALARIES 	110	 60010 	 60999
 SERVICES 	110	 65000 	 65999
 MARKETING 	110	 70000 	 74999
 TRAVEL   	110	 75000 	 79999
 FACILITIES 	110	 80000 	 80109
 OTHER    	110	 80110 	 81999
 OTHER INCOME 	110	 82000 	 89999

 SALARIES 	 120 	 60000 	 60999
 SERVICES 	 120 	 65000 	 65999
 MARKETING 	 120 	 70000 	 74999
 TRAVEL   	 120 	 75000 	 79999
 FACILITIES 	 120 	80000	80109
 OTHER    	 120 	80110	81999
 OTHER INCOME 	 120 	82000	89999

This formulas works IF I convert the TEXT to VALUES. In 2003 I could
sort on the TEXT with an ARRAY formula. With 2007 this formula works
but only if I convert the TEXT to Values.


It does not work if I leave the search columns (Account) as TEXT.

Any solutions would be welcome and I thank you in advance.
3/23/2010 5:58:34 PM
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The AccountII columns are actually the "R" & "S" in the formula.  The
"AccountII" is the lookup range. Then there is also a Dep (Department)
lookup range and a Month range.

This allows me to sort expenses By Department, by month and in an
accounting range.

The Dep and Month are not a problem becasue the represent a fixed

The problem comes because I am looking into a range of text vaues. In
other words I am looking for account values between 60000 to 60999 and
65000 to 65999, etc as TEXT. These and the lookup range is what I have
to convert to VALUES. Since they come out from the DB as text I'd
prefer to leave them as text and avoid having to convert them to
3/23/2010 7:02:51 PM
I have managed to get the attached workbook working with your text

I have modified the first 3 columns, to all show Month1, with
differing formulae, to prove that all 3 results are the same.

Column G has your original formula, looking at extra columns where you
have converted Text to Numbers

Column H, calculates the result using Sumproduct formulae. I am not
suggesting using this as a solution, because Sumproduct is much slower
than Sumifs.

 Column F uses my revised formula


This is using all of the original Text data.

I have coerced the Text to Numeric, using the double unary minus --

Roger Govier was good enough to send me this solution offline. I had
never seen the unary function before. Many thanks Roger.

It works exactly as I needed it to work.

3/29/2010 12:35:29 AM

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