Problem with subtotal function

I've noticed since changing to Excel 2003 that when I have a spreadsheet that 
I want to do multiple subtotals on that if I have one grouping within a group 
followed by multiple groupings within a group that my subtotals start 
aligning in such a way that it is very confusing to read.  Has anyone run 
across this and know of any fix?

For example, I have sorted a spreadsheet with names, locations & other data 
by names, then location then subtotaled by name then by location.  My results 
Location 1 subtotal
Location 2 subtotal
Name 1 subtotal
Location 1subtotal
Location 2 subtotal
Name 2 subtotal
Name 3 subtotal
Location 1 subtotal of Name 3
Location 1 subtotal
Location 2 subtotal
Name 4 subtotal
Location 3 subtotal of Name 4
Location 1 subtotal

So when Name 3 only had one location it started throwing the subtotals out 
of alignment.

3/17/2010 5:57:01 PM
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