Print Range not connected

I want to print a range that is A1:F100 and M1:Z100.  so basically i want to 
print A1:Z100 but exclude columns G:L.  i tried range naming the A1:F100 and 
M1:Z100 as print_range and the name works but i can't use print_range as a 
print area in my print macro.

this non-contiguous range name does work in macros when i'm asking to open 
and close it but not as a print range.  
is there a solution?
12/11/2009 10:09:01 PM
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Why not set your print area as A1:Z100 and hide columns G:L while the sheet 
is being printed? Your macro can then unhide them after printing.

Hope this helps,


"Tami" wrote:

> I want to print a range that is A1:F100 and M1:Z100.  so basically i want to 
> print A1:Z100 but exclude columns G:L.  i tried range naming the A1:F100 and 
> M1:Z100 as print_range and the name works but i can't use print_range as a 
> print area in my print macro.
> this non-contiguous range name does work in macros when i'm asking to open 
> and close it but not as a print range.  
> is there a solution?
> tami
12/11/2009 11:28:02 PM

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