Pivot from multiple sheets 05-28-10


i have the below data and i need to make pivot from multiple sheets.i have 
tried to make by selecting multiple consolidation ranges, bbut it is not 
giving me the flexibility that is available while doing in a single sheet...
Month	Processor	Process
Jan	Mark	Manual
Feb	Henry	Automatic
Jan	Chad	Automatic
Mar	Mark	Automatic
Apr	Mark	Manual
Jan	Chad	Automatic
Jan	Henry	Manual
Apr	Henry	Manual
Feb	Mark	Automatic
Mar	Chad	Manual
Jan	Mark	Automatic
it gives the belowformat...
Row	Process	Processor	Grand Total
Jan	15	15	30
Feb	6	6	12
Mar	6	6	12
Apr	6	6	12
Total	33	33	66

where as i need the below format...is it possible in making pivot from 
multiple sheets
Process	Month	Chad	Henry	Mark	Grand Total
Automatic	Jan	2		1	3
	Feb		1	1	2
	Mar			1	1
Manual	Jan		1	1	2
	Mar	1			1
	Apr		1	1	2
Total		3	3	5	11

5/28/2010 11:32:01 AM
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