Multiple sheet references in one function


Sheets 1-4 all list claims but they need to be seperated. The values that 
are targeted in column B are the dates, and the function is intended to tally 
the cumulative number of claims from the four sheets from the date specified 
in BB2 to the date specified in BB3 (usually one month, like 3/1/01-3/31/10). 
The formula works when I omit the reference for any two sheets, but not when 
I attempt to reference four in one formula.


"Rick Rothstein" wrote:

> Perhaps if you showed us the code for the non-working function and described 
> in more detail what you have now on the four sheets and what you want the 
> function to output when it is done, then someone here may be able to offer 
> you some comments as to how you should proceed.
> -- 
> Rick (MVP - Excel)
> "Alex" <> wrote in message 
> > I am trying to take information from four different sheets in my workbook 
> > to
> > create one function in my fifth sheet. So far, the function works with
> > information from one sheet and two sheets but I cannot add the reference 
> > to
> > the third sheet to the funtion without errors. 
> .

5/25/2010 5:18:01 PM
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