Ignore Zero's - Percentile


I have used the following to get the average value from a set of data whilst 
ignoring zero values within the data set.


I would like to use the percentile command on the same set of data. Is there 
a way that I can use Percentile and also ignore zero values ?
Many Thanks
2/18/2010 3:15:01 PM
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with an ARRAY formula


This is an array formula which must be entered by pressing CTRL+Shift+Enter
'and not just Enter. If you do it correctly then Excel will put curly brackets
'around the formula {}. You can't type these yourself. If you edit the formula
'you must enter it again with CTRL+Shift+Enter.


When competing hypotheses are otherwise equal, adopt the hypothesis that 
introduces the fewest assumptions while still sufficiently answering the 

"Chris26" wrote:

> Hi
> I have used the following to get the average value from a set of data whilst 
> ignoring zero values within the data set.
> =SUM(K4:AP4)/COUNTIF(K4:AP4,">0")
> I would like to use the percentile command on the same set of data. Is there 
> a way that I can use Percentile and also ignore zero values ?
> Many Thanks
> Chris
2/18/2010 3:28:09 PM

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