How do I get the formula icon back on my toolbar?

I seem to have lost the formula icon off my toolbar and don't know how to get 
it back so that I can do quick sums in my spreadsheet.  How do I do this 
4/22/2010 3:31:01 AM
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are you talking about the autosum icon.
if so then....
right click any toolbar and from the popup. click customize.
in the customize dialog, click the commands tab.
on the left, click insert.
on the right, scroll down to autosum
right click and hold the autosum icon and drag it to where ever you want it.
release the mouse.
close the customize dialog.


"Andrea confused" wrote:

> I seem to have lost the formula icon off my toolbar and don't know how to get 
> it back so that I can do quick sums in my spreadsheet.  How do I do this 
> please?
4/22/2010 5:32:02 AM

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