help with Conditional formatting pairs of cells

I have a spreadsheet which is laid out as a burial ground map showing who is 
buried where and whether a headstone is in place.

2 cells represent one grave as there may be 2 people buried there.

The format has 4 conditions:


The sheet has 10 columns of around 20 pairs of cells.

Conditional format over the whole range works fine when the pair of cells 
for a grave are marked empty or where both cells are used (for 2 people in a 

My problem is finding an easy way to conditionally format the second cell of 
each pair to match the first when the grave has only one occupant.

Presently where only one person is buried (shown in the first cell) the 
second cell formats as empty as the rule dictates.

The columns are each separated by one blank column, all the cells in a 
column are adjacent.

Any help welcome



1/28/2010 3:41:02 PM
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Have you tried an if statement?

I assume you are filling the burial ground map with names from master list 
with vlookup and the conditional formatting trigger is text within the cell.

Can you include an if statement on the second cell of the grave that if 
there is only 1 name to the grave to say “half” or similar, which would 
trigger the used conditional formatting?


1/29/2010 4:16:01 AM

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