Re: How to do this with macro?

oops. to find the last number in b and subtract a1


Don Guillett
Microsoft MVP Excel
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"Don Guillett" <> wrote in message news:...
> Try this withOUT needing "xx"
> =MAX(B:B)-A1
> To sum col B
> -- 
> Don Guillett
> Microsoft MVP Excel
> SalesAid Software
> "Arto K" <> wrote in message 
> news:uz9Pn.17155$
>>I have several cells in one column, what include numbers (example B2-B4). 
>>After few empty cells, I have a cell (example B7), what include formula 
>> A1  B1
>> 1
>>       2
>>       3
>>       4
>> 5
>> 6
>> xx    =B4-A1
>> Sometimes I add new numbers after cell B4 (example B5, B6 etc..) and 
>> sometimes I have to add new lines between last used cell, what include 
>> numbers and cells, what include the formula (example B7). When I add 
>> example three new line before B7, formula moves in cell B10. On the A7 is 
>> value xx. If B7 moves B10, also A7 moves A10.
>> After changes example look like this:
>> A1  B1
>> 1
>>       2
>>       3
>>       4
>>       5
>>       6
>>       7
>>       8
>> xx    =B8-A1
>> How to do macro, what find column A, cell what include text "xx" (example 
>> A10) and then it find last used cell in column B (example B8) and after 
>> that, the macro put formula in cell B10. The formula should be "last used 
>> cell in column B"-A1. Example in this case B8-A1.
>> Ps. I use Excel 2007.

6/7/2010 9:25:50 PM
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