Problem with Vlookup

Maybe there is a restriction on the number of cells I can search I
don't know..

=VLOOKUP(A53078,$G$2:$H$84,1,FALSE) returns a result of #N/A

when I copy that same formula to an entry for like the first 1000
entries it returns a result, but beyond it seems to not be working..
Is there a limit??  Is there a problem with my formula?

The lookup Table lives from G2:H84 and its sorted AtoZ  I want to
return the result to this particular cell from column one in my
table..  It should be checking Value in A53078 against my table..


11/16/2009 5:55:25 PM
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On Nov 16, 10:55=A0am, srosetti <> wrote:
> Maybe there is a restriction on the number of cells I can search I
> don't know..
> =3DVLOOKUP(A53078,$G$2:$H$84,1,FALSE) returns a result of #N/A
> when I copy that same formula to an entry for like the first 1000
> entries it returns a result, but beyond it seems to not be working..
> Is there a limit?? =A0Is there a problem with my formula?
> The lookup Table lives from G2:H84 and its sorted AtoZ =A0I want to
> return the result to this particular cell from column one in my
> table.. =A0It should be checking Value in A53078 against my table..
> ideas?

correction.  It will return a value up to 3,300 entries, but after
that.. #N/A
11/16/2009 6:09:23 PM
Turns out Vlookup can't handle quotes for my check cell. It turns out
the first 3300 entries dont have those quotes.  Now to get rid of
them.. ideas?  I might have a formula already.. but I'm all ears if
you have a suggestion.
11/16/2009 6:24:09 PM

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