Open & update another file (through macro) while running macro

I am using MS Excel 2003 and I need help to solve my problem.

One excel file (suppose A.xls) in which I’ll update my graph and the data is 
available in another file (suppose B.xls). What I am doing (through macro) is 
that I have created one button (in A.xls) and when I pressed it; its open the 
file B.xls (the data file) and at their I select month from drop down from 
which its update the pivot table based on the selection month and then same I 
was doing with another data excel file (suppose C.xls).

Query :

Is there any solution that when I pressed button from file A.xls its open 
B.xls and I select month from drop down update the Pivot table and its shows 
the message “B.xls has been updated”, then it is open another excel file 
C.xls and same I’ll do and then again its popup the message “C.xls has been 
updated” and came back to my main file A.xls.

I’m sorry if I placed wrong title of my query.

Please suggest.
Thanks in advance.



5/21/2010 12:59:01 PM
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dear nitesh,
 This is very simple do u know Hyperlink Suppose You are work in A
file Please Right click & Hyperlink
Or  Better option is call me my No. is 9637666242 ok
5/22/2010 3:40:54 AM

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