Nested If Function to be converted into a user-defined custom function

Dear Experts:

below formula (nested if formula) WORKS FINE in EXCEL 2007, but it is
not working in 2003 for known reasons (number of conditions exceeding
the limit) .

I now would like to create a user-defined custom function (UDF) in
Excel 2003.

I know how to operate the VBA Editor but I got no idea how this nested
If-Formula translates into a VBA-code.

Could somebody please help me. Help is much appreciated. Thank you
very much in advance.

Regards, Andreas


Below formula (nested IF-Function) that WORKS fine in Excel 2007
should be translated into a VBA code for a custom-defined function for
Excel 2003

5/18/2010 11:54:55 AM
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Hello Andreas,

It would be helpful for understanding your problem if you could assign say 
cells: A1 to A10 to your partial results that come up nearly in each section 
of your formulae.
An explanation of how you use this components ( a verbal summary of the 
formulae) in your long IF statement would help anyone thinking about your 

best regards,

Gabor Sebo

"andreashermle" <> wrote in message 

5/18/2010 6:23:56 PM

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