Move to match cells - 25107

            A                B             C          D             E

 1 000801025-8 009601025-3 2007 000801025-8 2007
 2 000801026-9 009601026-4 2004 000801026-9 2004
 3 000801028-1 009601028-6 2006 000801028-1 2006
 4 000801036-8 009601036-3 2008 000801036-8 2008
 5 000801044-5 009601044-0 2007 000801044-5 2007
 6 000801044-5 009601055-0 2004 000801055-5 2004
 7 000801055-5 009601064-8 2001 000801064-3 2001
 8 000801055-5 009601091-2 2006 000801091-7 2006
 9 000801064-3 009601095-6 2002 000801095-1 2002
10 000801091-7 009601097-8 1998 000801097-3 1998
11 000801091-7 009601098-9 2004 000801098-4 2004
12 000801091-7 009601105-2 2007 000801105-7 2007
13 000801095-1 009601106-3 2002 000801106-8 2002
14 000801097-3 009601110-6 2001 000801110-1 2001
15 000801097-3 009601111-7 2003 000801111-2 2003
16 000801097-3 009601112-8 2004 000801112-3 2004
17 000801097-3 009601113-9 1998 000801113-4 1998

D6 matches A7 so I want to move cells B6 thru E6 to row 7.
D7 matches A9 so I want to move cells B7 thru E7 to row 9
D8 matches A10 so I want to move cells B8 thru E8 to row 10.

How can I do that?

3/31/2010 8:58:24 PM
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