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I post below earlier on but I couldnt see the thread, if duplicated please 
exscute me.

I have 3 columns contain names(unknown, may duplicated and dynamic row), 
date and amount; I am looking a way to get a sum and count on data that:
1) date is equal to or greater than today, then
2) loop thru name and subtotal on each customer
3) sum subtotal if value is equal or above 10k
3) count 2) with same name treat as once

4/25/2010 7:23:01 AM
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Your post is not entirely clear.. notice that you have had no responses.
If the customers are not sorted in order, then you will have to loop through 
the data once for each customer that fits the criteria.

Since you want totals, I would find a customer, sum them up using your 
criteria, and post the customer name and totals to A DIFFERENT worksheet.  I 
have written similar applications where the solution is just posted to 
another worksheet.

For example, you find a date that meets your criteria.  Then find every 
occurrence of that customer, do the math, then post the totals to another 
worksheet, keeping track of the last row posted in the other worksheet.  Keep 
looping, posting each customer total to the next available row in the other 

The programming for this could be somewhat involved, but not too difficult.

Rich Locus, Logicwurks, LLC
Rich Locus
Logicwurks, LLC

"Seeker" wrote:

> I post below earlier on but I couldnt see the thread, if duplicated please 
> exscute me.
> I have 3 columns contain names(unknown, may duplicated and dynamic row), 
> date and amount; I am looking a way to get a sum and count on data that:
> 1) date is equal to or greater than today, then
> 2) loop thru name and subtotal on each customer
> 3) sum subtotal if value is equal or above 10k
> 3) count 2) with same name treat as once
> Tks
4/25/2010 5:43:01 PM

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