How to select combobx value with vba?

For an electrical part number quoting application developed in
Excel 2000, I have a a userform (userform4) with a combobox (cboQpn)
to hold the quoted part number, and another combobox (cboFormula)
prepopulated with a named range (Partnum)

The user types in a part number in cboQpn and then chooses
the correct formula from cboFormula.

Now in access I have a table (tblDetail) that holds previously quoted
part numbers
and their details--the formula used in the previous quote, for
The formula information is in column 5 in tblDetail

I want to emulate the manual selecting operation in cboFormula and use
result of a query to select the matching value in cboFormula.

In the code below, my variable to hold the results of the query
shows "", but the query returns the proper value in I debug in the
window and paste that into an acces query. Also in the locals window,
I see:

- : rstFromQuery :  : Variant/Object/Recordset
  + : Fields :  : Fields/Fields
      - : Item 1 :  : Variant/Object/Field
	- : Properties :  : Properties/Properties
		: Item 1 :  : Variant/Object/Property
			 Value : "115XXS-SST" : Variant/String

   This is the value I expect to see.

   How did I select that value in the combobox?

    I've searched the newsgroup for "search combobox list", automate
combobox select, and vba select combobox value.

    Sub CreateCboFormulaMatchRecordSet()
        'On Error GoTo CreateRecordSetErrorHandler
         Dim oldDbName As String
         Dim wspDefault As Workspace
         Dim dbsEAIQuote As Database
         Dim strSQL As String
         Dim strFormula As String
         Dim strEAIPart As String
         Dim rstFromQuery As Variant

         'strFormula = UserForm4.txtCompNum.text
         strEAIPart = UserForm4.cboQpn.text

         'Set the path to the database
          oldDbName = "K:/Customer Service/Quote/Database/Development/

         'Create a default workspace Object
         Set wspDefault = DBEngine.Workspaces(0)

         'Create a Database object
         Set dbsEAIQuote = wspDefault.OpenDatabase(oldDbName)

         'The SQL statement
         strSQL = "SELECT tblDetail.Formula " & _
            "FROM tblDetail " & _
            "WHERE (tblDetail.Part_Number= '" & strEAIPart & "')"

         'Create a Snapshot Type Recordset from the SQL query
         Set rstFromQuery = dbsEAIQuote.OpenRecordset(strSQL,

'sub not completed yet.
4/9/2010 8:34:27 PM
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