HELP!! Formula for calculating overtime

I'm hoping someone can help me.  I can't seem to figure out a formula to 
calculate OT for my staff.  Regular hours per day are 7.5.  I'm looking to 
create a formula for banking time which will break out in two columns hours 
worked over the regular 7.5 hours per day up to 11 hours per day, and in the 
second column the hours worked over 11 hours per day.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Thanks so much!!
2/17/2010 5:15:01 PM
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Something like this

Hours      Bank1	Bank2
6	 0	0
7.5	0	0
8.5	1	0
9.5	2	0
10.5	3	0
11.5	3.5	0.5
12.5	3.5	1.5
13.5	3.5	2.5
14.5	3.5	3.5
15.5	3.5	4.5

assuming the 6 is in cell A2 the formulas for b2 and c2 are as follows

b2  =IF(7.5<A2,MIN(A2-7.5,3.5),0)
c2   =IF(A2>11,A2-(7.5+B2),0)

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"Teri" wrote:

> I'm hoping someone can help me.  I can't seem to figure out a formula to 
> calculate OT for my staff.  Regular hours per day are 7.5.  I'm looking to 
> create a formula for banking time which will break out in two columns hours 
> worked over the regular 7.5 hours per day up to 11 hours per day, and in the 
> second column the hours worked over 11 hours per day.
> Does anybody have any ideas?
> Thanks so much!!
2/17/2010 7:17:01 PM

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