find user's computer name

Hi all, I got macro below which tell me user's computer name who is
logged on in current database.  What changes I do in below macro that
it should tell me the user's machine name who is logged on in the
database which is on path "C:\Documents\Record.mdb".  Please can any
friend can help

Private Declare Function apiGetComputerName Lib "kernel32" Alias
"GetComputerNameA" (ByVal lpBuffer As String, nSize As Long) As Long
Private Function fOSMachineName() As String 'Returns the computername

    Dim lngLen As Long, lngX As Long
    Dim strCompName As String
    strCompName = String$(16, 0)
    lngLen = 16
    lngX = apiGetComputerName(strCompName, lngLen)
    If (lngX > 0) Then
        fOSMachineName = Left$(strCompName, lngLen)
        fOSMachineName = vbNullString
    End If
End Function

12/8/2009 4:27:06 PM
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ComputerName = environ("ComputerName")

It is one of the environmental parameters which you can see by opening
a DOS window and typing SET at the prompt

Start - Run
type CMD.EXE
at dos prompt type > SET

From Vista 
Start - Search - CMD.EXE
at dos prompt type > SET

Each of the variables in that are returned can be obtained using the
environmental command in VBA,

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