Excel 2007 VBA shape fill colour problem 02-11-10

I have a generic VBA routine that adds a specified shape to each cell within
a target range on a worksheet and defines the 
Shape.Fill.ForeColor.SchemeColor property and the OnAction event. The
OnAction event routine then toggles the Shape.Fill.Visible property on and
off which should change the colour to the already defined
Shape.Fill.ForeColor.SchemeColor property and back again, but the colour
always defaults to turquoise rather than the colour I've specified. The code
detailed below worked fine in Excel 2003, this appears to be a bug in 2007. 


Worksheet code (sheet1 in this instance). Run sub TestAddMarkers to add the 
worksheet shapes which you can then click to run the OnAction code.

Option Explicit

Public Sub TestAddMarkers()

   Marker_AddMarkers Sheet1.Range("A1:A5"), "Sheet1.ToggleMarker"

End Sub

Public Sub ToggleMarker()

   Marker_HandleMarkerClick Sheet1.Shapes(Application.Caller)
   Marker_SetMarkersInRange Sheet1.Range("A1:A5")

End Sub


Module level code detailed below...

Option Explicit

Public Enum tColorIndex
   ' Colors are in same order as on color pallete, down and across
   mxlAutomaticColor = 0
   mxlNoColor = -4142
   mxlBlack = 1
   mxlDarkRed = 9
   mxlRed = 3
   mxlPink = 7
   mxlRose = 38
   mxlBrown = 53
   mxlOrange = 46
   mxlLightOrange = 45
   mxlGold = 44
   mxlTan = 40
   mxlOliveGreen = 52
   mxlDarkYellow = 12
   mxlLime = 43
   mxlYellow = 6
   mxlLightYellow = 36
   mxlDarkGreen = 51
   mxlGreen = 10
   mxlSeaGreen = 50
   mxlBrightGreen = 4
   mxlLightGreen = 35
   mxlDarkTeal = 49
   mxlTeal = 14
   mxlAqua = 42
   mxlTurquoise = 8
   mxlLightTurquoise = 34
   mxlDarkBlue = 11
   mxlBlue = 5
   mxlLightBlue = 41
   mxlSkyBlue = 33
   mxlPaleBlue = 37
   mxlIndigo = 55
   mxlBlueGray = 47
   mxlViolet = 13
   mxlPlum = 54
   mxlLavender = 39
   mxlGray80 = 56
   mxlGray50 = 16
   mxlGray40 = 48
   mxlGray25 = 15
   mxlWhite = 2
   ' Chart Fill colors as shown on the color palatte
   mxlChartFillPastelBlue = 17
   mxlChartFillPlum = 18
   mxlChartFillLightTan = 19
   mxlChartFillLightTurquoise = 20
   mxlChartFillDarkViolet = 21
   mxlChartFillPastelPink = 22
   mxlChartFillDarkerLightBlue = 23
   mxlChartFillLightBueGray = 24
   ' Chart Line colors as shown on the color palatte
   mxlChartLineDarkBlue = 25
   mxlChartLinePink = 26
   mxlChartLineYellow = 27
   mxlChartLineTurquoise = 28
   mxlChartLineViolet = 29
   mxlChartLineDarkRed = 30
   mxlChartLineTeal = 31
   mxlChartLineBlue = 32
   ' Shape scheme colors
   mxlSchemeColorBlack = 8
   mxlSchemeColorDarkRed = 16
   mxlSchemeColorRed = 10
   mxlSchemeColorPink = 14
   mxlSchemeColorRose = 45
   mxlSchemeColorBrown = 60
   mxlSchemeColorOrange = 53
   mxlSchemeColorLightOrange = 52
   mxlSchemeColorGold = 51
   mxlSchemeColorTan = 47
   mxlSchemeColorOliveGreen = 59
   mxlSchemeColorDarkYellow = 19
   mxlSchemeColorLime = 50
   mxlSchemeColorYellow = 13
   mxlSchemeColorLightYellow = 43
   mxlSchemeColorDarkGreen = 58
   mxlSchemeColorGreen = 17
   mxlSchemeColorSeaGreen = 57
   mxlSchemeColorBrightGreen = 11
   mxlSchemeColorLightGreen = 42
   mxlSchemeColorDarkTeal = 56
   mxlSchemeColorTeal = 21
   mxlSchemeColorAqua = 49
   mxlSchemeColorTurquoise = 15
   mxlSchemeColorLightTurquoise = 41
   mxlSchemeColorDarkBlue = 18
   mxlSchemeColorBlue = 12
   mxlSchemeColorLightBlue = 48
   mxlSchemeColorSkyBlue = 40
   mxlSchemeColorPaleBlue = 44
   mxlSchemeColorIndigo = 62
   mxlSchemeColorBlueGray = 54
   mxlSchemeColorViolet = 20
   mxlSchemeColorPlum = 61
   mxlSchemeColorLavender = 46
   mxlSchemeColorGray80 = 63
   mxlSchemeColorGray50 = 23
   mxlSchemeColorGray40 = 55
   mxlSchemeColorGray25 = 22
   mxlSchemeColorWhite = 9
End Enum

Public Sub Marker_AddMarkers( _
      ByVal TargetRange As Range, _
      ByVal ClickRoutineName As String _

' Add markers to the range specified by the parameter TargetRange.

   Dim Cell As Range
   Dim Marker As Shape

   For Each Cell In TargetRange
      Cell.Font.ColorIndex = IIf(Cell.Interior.ColorIndex = mxlNoColor,
      mxlWhite, Cell.Interior.ColorIndex)
      If Len(Cell) = 0 Then Cell = False
      Set Marker =           
Cell.Left + 2, Cell.Top + 2, Cell.Height - 3.5, Cell.Height - 3.5)
      With Marker
         .Fill.Transparency = 0
         .Line.Weight = 1.5
         If Cell.Interior.ColorIndex = mxlGray25 Then
            .Line.ForeColor.SchemeColor = mxlSchemeColorGray80
            .Line.ForeColor.SchemeColor = mxlSchemeColorGray25
         End If
         .Fill.ForeColor.SchemeColor = mxlSchemeColorGray50
      End With
      Marker.OnAction = ClickRoutineName
   Next Cell
   Marker_SetMarkersInRange TargetRange

End Sub

Public Function Marker_HandleMarkerClick( _
      ByVal Marker As Shape _

   Marker.TopLeftCell = Not Marker.TopLeftCell
   Marker.Fill.Visible = IIf(Marker.TopLeftCell, msoTrue, msoFalse)

End Function

Public Sub Marker_SetMarker( _
      ByVal Marker As Shape _

   Marker.Fill.Visible = IIf(Marker.TopLeftCell, msoTrue, msoFalse)

End Sub

Public Sub Marker_SetMarkersInRange( _
      ByVal TargetRange As Range _

' Set all markers in the range specified by the parameter TargetRange.

   Dim Shape As Shape

   For Each Shape In TargetRange.Parent.Shapes
      If Shape.Type = msoAutoShape Then
         If Shape.AutoShapeType = msoShapeRectangle Then
            If Not Intersect(TargetRange, Shape.TopLeftCell) Is Nothing Then 
Marker_SetMarker Shape
         End If
      End If
   Next Shape

End Sub  
2/11/2010 4:38:01 PM
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