Copy from one source to multiple spreadsheets

On a master spreadsheet I have on each row data for multiple spreadsheets.  I 
would like to set up a macro to copy this data into each of the designated 
destination spreadsheets.  The macro I have is:

   Range(row, 2).Select
    Windows(dept & ".xls").Activate

The problem is that "Range(row,2).Select" is not working.  Is there a code 
which would work.  Thanks
11/23/2009 4:19:02 PM
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It not need to select the objects of Excel to manage them.
You can say something like below having the master worksheet activated:

Range(Row, 2).Copy _

Ο χρήστης "msdrolf" έγγραψε:

> On a master spreadsheet I have on each row data for multiple spreadsheets.  I 
> would like to set up a macro to copy this data into each of the designated 
> destination spreadsheets.  The macro I have is:
>  Windows(SourceName).Activate
>    Range(row, 2).Select
>     Selection.Copy
>     Windows(dept & ".xls").Activate
>     Range("C3").Select
>     ActiveSheet.Paste
> The problem is that "Range(row,2).Select" is not working.  Is there a code 
> which would work.  Thanks
11/23/2009 5:59:03 PM

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