cell to have comma-delimited values based on text

I have a table called "220_reference" with a column name "Part Number" having 
a sample value of below:
4047122(All Dash no.), 4057222(All Dash no.), 4058222(All Dash no.), 
4060122(All Dash no.)
The entire value is in one cell representing the "Part Number" 
column(defined as general type so text I suppose).
Simple enough.  But what I need to do is take any number that has "(All Dash 
no.)" after it and search through a column in another table to retrieve any 
rows that have that number(text) in it.  The other table name is "220" with 
one column named pn1_part_no_oem.
A sample of rows (also defined as general type in excel) in the 2nd table is 
as follows:
Once retrieved(found), I need to format the output with commas between.
OK, not done though.  If each number in the 1st table has "(All Dash no.)" 
after it, then I need to provide all numbers from each in the same new cell 
with commas between all of them. So, if all 4 numbers above have 4 matches 
each, the new cell will have 16 values with commas between.  This means that 
each number will need to be checked one-at-a-time for the value "(All Dash 
no.)" after it, and then process the query for similar values in the 2nd 
table's pn1_part_no_oem column.
Given the sample data above, then the new cell's contents would be:
Can anybody help me on this impossible mission?
3/18/2010 9:15:01 PM
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