can we copy the code from the addin to excel workbook

Is there any code thru which we can copy the code from addin to a
excel workbook .. in the addin i have a code written in thisworkbook
and have 1 module ..
2/2/2010 10:39:55 AM
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The process requires you to save the macro as a BAS file then read the
BAS file into the 2nd workbook.  Chip Pearson has good instructions at
his website

'Programming In The VBA Editor'

Read the two bullets at the top of the webpage carefully especially

�Next, you need to enable programmatic access to the VBA Project. In
Excel 2003 and earlier, go the Tools menu (in Excel, not in the VBA
editor), choose Macros and then the Security item. In that dialog, click
on the Trusted Publishers tab and check the Trust access to the Visual
Basic Project setting.

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2/2/2010 11:10:45 AM
Try something like

Dim TempFile As String
Dim ModuleName As String
Dim FromWB As Workbook
Dim DestWB As Workbook

Set FromWB = Workbooks("YourAddInFile.xla")
Set DestWB = ThisWorkbook
ModuleName = "modConstants"
TempFile = Environ("Temp") & "\" & ModuleName & ".bas"
On Error Resume Next
Kill TempFile
On Error GoTo 0
FromWB.VBProject.VBComponents(ModuleName).Export _
DestWB.VBProject.VBComponents.Import _
On Error Resume Next
Kill TempFile
On Error GoTo 0

For modules, use ".bas" as shown in the TempFile = line of code. For
userforms, use ".frm", and for class modules, sheet modules, and
ThisWorkbook, use ".cls".  This assumes that the add-in's VBProject is
not locked and that the "Allow Access To The VB Project" is enabled.

See for much more detail.

Chip Pearson
Microsoft MVP 1998 - 2010
Pearson Software Consulting, LLC
[email on web site]

On Tue, 2 Feb 2010 02:39:55 -0800 (PST), vicky
<> wrote:

>Is there any code thru which we can copy the code from addin to a
>excel workbook .. in the addin i have a code written in thisworkbook
>and have 1 module ..
2/2/2010 10:29:13 PM

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