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mme (8)
6/22/2004 1:52:54 AM
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Hi Joe!




Norman Harker MVP (Excel)
Sydney, Australia
"Joe" <mme@mynet.com> wrote in message 
> Joe 

njharker (1646)
6/22/2004 6:19:25 AM
sorry I did'nt know that group existed
thank you

"Norman Harker" <njharker@optusnet.com.au> wrote in message
> Hi Joe!
> Failed!
> Try:
> Microsoft.public.test.here
> --
> Regards
> Norman Harker MVP (Excel)
> Sydney, Australia
> njharker@optusnet.com.au
> "Joe" <mme@mynet.com> wrote in message
> news:%23Y67xu$VEHA.384@TK2MSFTNGP10.phx.gbl...
> > Joe

mme (8)
6/22/2004 10:28:45 AM

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