Simple Paste question- please help!

Sorry all i'm brand new to excel and these seems like it should be so
simple :( 

my data looks like this in pdf file:



how do i paste my data correctly or what next steps can i do so the data
pasted looks the same in excel aka 10 rows in 1 column??

I really appreciate who ever takes the time to answer this. it will help
alot! Happy Easter/ Passover etc :) Thank you in advance

4/8/2012 9:01:49 AM
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CXIV;1600606 Wrote: 
> Sorry all i'm brand new to excel and these seems like it should be so
> simple :( 
> my data looks like this in pdf file:
> J02NA 
> J18BD 
> J1GXX 
> J2E4E 
> J2KDI 
> J2T7V
> J2T9W 
> J2T9Y
> J2V3X
> J2T7V
> J2T9W J2T9Y
> J2V3X
> how do i paste my data correctly or what next steps can i do so the data
> pasted looks the same in excel aka 10 rows in 1 column??
> I really appreciate who ever takes the time to answer this. it will help
> alot! Happy Easter/ Passover etc :) Thank you in advance

If you use "paste special / values" Does that make any difference?

4/8/2012 10:05:20 AM

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