Showing Specific Data from Master Sheet to Another Sheet

I am making a bill of materials at work and have a master list I want to 
access from other sheets.  

The master list has all parts named and categorized, and I want to be able 
to access sections (Hydraulics, Chassis, Electrical, etc.) of the master from 
other sheets.

I have tried pivottables but I am having issues showing the data in it 
original form:

Part Name   Quantity   Material    Expense Category   etc.  
(accross the row)

I wish to be able to make calculations only off the selected data on each 
sheet but I am having immense problems getting there.  

If you can help.
Parker Jones

7/9/2009 7:02:01 PM
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Try this sample from my archives, a non-array formulas solution:
AutoCopy Lines to Resp Sht Non Array.xls 
(Full details inside, nicely rendered. Easy to adapt ..) 

Data is continuously entered in a master ("parent") sheet, with lines neatly 
auto-copied to each individual ("child") sheet based on the values within a 
key column. 

In your case, that key column will be where you have the categories:
Hydraulics, Chassis, Electrical, etc

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"Parker Jones" wrote:
> I am making a bill of materials at work and have a master list I want to 
> access from other sheets.  
> The master list has all parts named and categorized, and I want to be able 
> to access sections (Hydraulics, Chassis, Electrical, etc.) of the master from 
> other sheets.
> I have tried pivottables but I am having issues showing the data in it 
> original form:
> Part Name   Quantity   Material    Expense Category   etc.  
> (accross the row)
> I wish to be able to make calculations only off the selected data on each 
> sheet but I am having immense problems getting there.  
> If you can help.
> Parker Jones
demechanik (4694)
7/10/2009 1:01:01 AM

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