Show a blank result in a cell when there is no value in the "Lookup" cell

I apologize if this question has been asked, but I have been unable to find 
an answer searching the topics.

I'm using the following formula in cell C3:


When I type in an employee ID in A3, his/her last name shows in C3. 
However, when there is no value in A3, C3 shows error "#N/A".

Is there a way to show a blank cell in C3 until a value is entered into A3?

Thanks in advance!


mslater518 (22)
8/5/2007 5:45:37 PM
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On Aug 5, 10:45 am, "Michael Slater" <> wrote:

> I'm using the following formula in cell C3:
> =INDEX(LastName,MATCH(A3,EmpID,0))
> When I type in an employee ID in A3, his/her last name shows in C3.
> However, when there is no value in A3, C3 shows error "#N/A".
> Is there a way to show a blank cell in C3 until a value is entered into A3?


=IF(A3="", "", INDEX(LastName,MATCH(A3,EmpID,0))

joeu2004 (766)
8/5/2007 6:17:41 PM
Thank you,

That worked great!!


"joeu2004" <> wrote in message
> On Aug 5, 10:45 am, "Michael Slater" <> wrote:
>> I'm using the following formula in cell C3:
>> =INDEX(LastName,MATCH(A3,EmpID,0))
>> When I type in an employee ID in A3, his/her last name shows in C3.
>> However, when there is no value in A3, C3 shows error "#N/A".
>> Is there a way to show a blank cell in C3 until a value is entered into 
>> A3?
> Try:
> =IF(A3="", "", INDEX(LastName,MATCH(A3,EmpID,0))

mslater518 (22)
8/5/2007 7:08:20 PM

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