removing excel sheet password


i forgot password for my excelsheet. i have so many important things in that 
sheet. how can i open the document?. pls suggest me on this..

thanks in advance
nag1 (1)
4/9/2008 6:36:01 PM
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this will do it


"nag" wrote:

> hi 
> i forgot password for my excelsheet. i have so many important things in that 
> sheet. how can i open the document?. pls suggest me on this..
> thanks in advance
MikeH (222)
4/9/2008 6:56:04 PM
Password to open the file?

Password to unprotect a sheet or the workbook?

You mention "document" so I will assume you mean password to open.

But, if it is internal protection password removal see John McGimpsey's site.

Password to open is a little more difficult.

See John's site at

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP

On Wed, 9 Apr 2008 11:36:01 -0700, nag <> wrote:

>i forgot password for my excelsheet. i have so many important things in that 
>sheet. how can i open the document?. pls suggest me on this..
>thanks in advance

4/9/2008 8:32:59 PM

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